Dave RuchThe Largest Online Gathering of K-5 Classrooms for Connected Educator Month is a Buffalo NY-based performer and teaching artist who has been extensively involved in the arts-in-education field since 1995, using music to teach core curriculum and inspire young learners.

Through school assemblies, workshops, residencies, and distance learning programs, he works with tens of thousands of students each year in preschool, primary, elementary, intermediate, middle and high school settings.

Ruch is also a Public Scholar for the New York Council for the Humanities, and a contributor to the Huffington Post on arts, education, and music topics.

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Hello! I'm really happy that you're here. I absolutely love working with kids, as I think you'll see in these videos. I also understand how much pressure you are under as an educator in today's school climate, and yet you'd love to be reaching more of your students and exposing them to different avenues of learning through the arts.

That's exactly why I created this site, to give you ultimate flexibility in engaging your students through music at exactly the time when it works best with your schedule.

You are a true hero doing important work! I hope you find these videos to be a convenient and welcome new addition to your teaching, and I'd love to hear from you with any comments, questions, or suggestions.


I can be reached at dave@daveruch.com (I check email all the time), or feel free to call me at 716-884-6855 or visit my website at daveruch.com